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Wrong Medication and Dosage Errors at Military Medical Facilities

Military doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers are required to provide a high standard of care to all patients in all medical circumstances, and failure to provide that level of care can result in serious injuries and death. When these circumstances befall someone who has risked their lives for our country, the situation becomes even more tragic. But you have options.

Prescription errors taking center stage in military hospitals

Medication errors have been gaining the spotlight in recent years, as medical errors in military healthcare facilities gain more and more attention. Combined with the country’s overall opioid crisis, it is unfortunately not surprising that we see veterans and military service members treated with a careless cocktail of medications that cause a host of issues, such as

  • Hearing and vision impairments
  • Heart problems
  • Paralysis
  • Failure to treat initial ailment
  • Susceptibility to other medical issues
  • Addiction to painkillers
  • Death

In one of the most widely reported cases, the VA paid a $2.3 million settlement to the family of a veteran who was essentially drugged to death, but the VA still refuses responsibility for the fatality. Marine Corps veteran Jason Simcakowski was given 16 different painkillers and sedatives at once, and then was not resuscitated in a timely manner, and passed away, leaving a widow and son behind.

Standing up for the rights of armed service members and their families

Facing a serious illness or injury is stressful enough. But when a medical professional fails to exercise reasonable care in treating you or your loved one, it can be a grueling experience that requires justice.

Trusting a military medical facility should be a simple choice, not one that causes harm or death, or leads soldiers down the path of addiction. Inappropriate medications and dosages can be the start of a difficult road, personally, emotionally and financially. A committed California medical malpractice attorney can stand up for veterans, military service members and their families who have suffered from medical negligence at the hands of a military doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional.

Prescription errors have dire consequences

The Bertling Law Group has experience in both suing a military doctor or facility for medical negligence and obtaining disability benefits for veterans who sustain added or worsened disabilities due to negligent medical care. We help military members and families in California and across the US to seek fair compensation for the damages caused by prescription errors. Contact us online or by calling 844-295-7558 today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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