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California Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Legal Advocacy for Medical Malpractice & Negligence Resulting in Injuries or Death in the State of California

​From colds to cancer, we trust the doctors, nurses and other members of the medical community to have the knowledge, skills and dedication to properly diagnose our conditions, treat us, and cure what ails us. As laypeople, we have no reason not to believe what the doctors tell us, and practically no choice but to follow their recommendations and allow them to treat us as they see fit. And if something goes wrong in the provision of medical care, we have no way of knowing if it was just bad luck, or if an avoidable mistake by a doctor, nurse or anesthesiologist caused a needless and tragic injury.

Prior to serving as an advocate for patients injured by medical negligence, California medical malpractice attorney Peter Bertling spent more than three decades ​defending hospitals, nurses, doctors and other health care providers accused of wrongdoing. He knows how hospitals and insurance companies evaluate medical malpractice actions, and what factors they focus on when making a decision to resolve a case or aggressively defend it. Bertling Law Group now uses that insight to help injured patients recover the maximum financial compensation to which they are entitled. If something went wrong with your medical care that shouldn’t have, we’ll find out about it, and we’ll do something about it.

​We Want to Hear Your Story

Bertling Law Group understands how lost, angry, sad, frustrated, and overwhelmed you may feel… and how all of this, on top of potential economic hardships, can keep you from healing and moving forward. Please do not delay in getting the help you need. There is a strict time limit within which these claims must be filed or you will lose your right to seek compensation.

While you focus on recovery, we promise to give you compassionate and committed advocacy. Our one-on-one approach builds a strong attorney-client relationship as we work with you to:

  • Find Answers to Your Questions About Went Wrong
  • Obtain Maximum Compensation for Your Injuries
  • Prevent Future Harm from Happening to Others

Common Medical Malpractice Claims in California

Doctors, nurses and other health care providers are not the only medical professionals who are liable for their mistakes; hospitals and medical clinics can also be found liable for negligence that causes a patient harm. Some common types of medical negligence include:

  • Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose
  • Delays in medical diagnosis
  • Negligent prenatal care
  • Birth injuries
  • Medication and prescription errors
  • Surgical negligence and unnecessary surgeries
  • Anesthesia negligence
  • Post-surgical errors and infections
  • Nursing negligence

Medical malpractice cases are complex injury cases requiring both legal and medical expertise to resolve. Doctors and hospitals will be quick to hide behind the mysteries of medicine and argue that a negative outcome was not their fault. You deserve to know the truth, and Bertling Law Group can help you find it.

File a Claim on Behalf of Your Loved Ones

You may have a loved one who has been severely injured or incapacitated by a health care provider’s negligence. This is often the case with birth injuries, anesthesia overdoses, strokes and traumatic head injuries. We help you obtain maximum financial compensation to ensure your loved one receives necessary quality medical care and assistance with activities of daily living.

Sadly, medical mistakes are also responsible for thousands of deaths every year. If you lost a loved one due to medical negligence, we’ll work to hold the doctor, hospital or other responsible party accountable, ensuring justice for your loved one and compensation to help you deal with the financial challenges and disruption to your life caused by the tragic loss of a beloved family member.

Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?

Bertling Law Group’s goal is to provide a high level of uncompromising, compassionate representation to people going through the worst experiences of their life.

If you’re ready to move forward with pursuing your potential legal remedies, please contact us. We want to hear your story. Your consultation with us is free, and our firm takes all personal injury cases on a contingency basis, meaning you owe nothing unless we collect compensation on your behalf. Working together, we can find answers to what went wrong, get you maximum compensation for your injuries, and prevent future harm from happening to others. Call us today at 844-295-7558.

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