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Colorado Springs Veterans Medical Malpractice Claims

No matter what branch of the US military you served, you know that quality patient care is one of the most valuable benefits you receive as a veteran. The majority of VA hospitals, clinics, and health care providers adhere to the applicable standard of care when treating patients, but there are some that fall short with their legal duty. Fortunately, you have remedies for medical malpractice under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA). Veterans who suffered bodily harm may qualify to recover compensation for their losses. Because the process under FTCA can be complicated and overwhelming when you are trying to recoup from your injuries, skilled legal help is critical. Our team at Bertling Law Group specifically focuses on representing veterans and active duty military members who are hurt by VA health care providers, so please contact our firm today. We can set up a free consultation with a Colorado Springs veterans medical malpractice lawyer who will explain the laws, and some basics can help you understand what to expect.

Overview of Key FTCA Provisions

The statute covers many different types of legal actions based upon negligence, but there are certain elements you must prove when seeking compensation for VA medical malpractice.

  1. You need to show that your injuries were caused by a VA medical provider, such as a doctor, nurse, mental health professional, or other practitioner;

  2. You must establish that the VA employee was acting within the scope of duty in providing care;

  3. You are required to prove that the provider deviated from the applicable medical standard of care or was otherwise negligent; and

  4. You need to show that this negligence was the direct cause of your injuries.

Some examples of veteran medical malpractice include diagnostic mistakes, birth injuries, prescription errors, surgical mistakes, and many others. You may qualify for monetary damages to recoup medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.

Assistance with Veterans Medical Malpractice Cases

Knowing what you need to prove is helpful, though it is also important to understand how you go about recovering compensation. The first step, filing a VA medical malpractice claim, is critical. You must exhaust your administrative remedies by attempting to settle before going to court. Plus, your damages are limited to what you allege in this initial stage. You can rely on our Colorado Springs veterans medical malpractice lawyers at Bertling Law Group for help with:

  • Collecting essential evidence;
  • Calculating damages;
  • Preparing all forms and documents for an FTCA veterans malpractice claim;
  • Attempting to negotiate settlement;
  • Filing a lawsuit in court if unable to reach an agreement; and
  • Performing all litigation tasks, up to and including trial.

Rely on a Colorado Springs Veterans Medical Malpractice Attorney for Help

If you were hurt because of negligence by a VA health care provider, it is essential to reach out for legal help right away. To learn how we can assist, please call Bertling Law Group at 844-295-7558 or visit our website. We can schedule a no-cost initial consultation to provide details.

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