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Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorney Advocating for Active Duty Who Suffer Injuries or Death Resulting from Negligence

While you honorably serve your country, you should expect to receive quality health care from VA hospitals and clinics. You deserve to be compensated if, instead, the VA injures you. Until recently, active duty service members who were the victim of medical errors at military hospitals and other facilities did not share the same rights as their civilian counterparts to seek compensation for their losses due to medical malpractice. Signed into law on December 20, 2019, active duty military personnel and their next of kin can now file claims with the Department of Defense for death or personal injury caused by military medical providers.

Bertling Law Group can help you access all available resources for compensation and navigate you through this new process of VA accountability and compensation for active duty military. Prior to providing active duty advocacy, our medical malpractice lawyer spent three decades defending hospitals, nurses and doctors accused of wrongdoing, helping to spare insurance companies millions of dollars in unsubstantiated damages. We now use that insight to help injured patients recover the damages to which they are entitled. Because of this time spent "on the other side", we know exactly where the issues are and can spot them with pinpoint precision. We now use that insight to help injured VA patients recover the damages to which they are entitled.

While you focus on recovery, we promise to give you compassionate and committed advocacy. Our one-on-one approach builds a strong relationship between the client and the attorney as we work with you to:

  • Find Answers to Your Questions About Went Wrong

  • Obtain Maximum Compensation for Your Injuries

  • Prevent Future Harm from Happening to Others

Please do not delay in getting the help you need. There is a strict time limit within which these claims must be filed or you will lose your right to seek compensation. Instead, we urge you to tell us your story so that we can work with you and your family so that you can be compensated for duties dodged and debts to you unpaid.

Common medical malpractice claims

A wide range of injuries may be inflicted by a negligent military doctor. Some common types of medical negligence include the following:

  • Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose

  • Delays in medical diagnosis

  • Negligent prenatal care

  • Birth injuries

  • Medication and prescription errors

  • Surgical negligence and unnecessary surgeries

  • Anesthesia negligence

  • Negligent medical care and mental support resulting in suicide

  • Post-surgical errors and infections

  • Nursing negligence

Treating mental health is crucial to overall recovery

You may appear physically fine, but have actually suffered a serious injury. The pressures of the job, and often facing life-or-death situations, can have lasting effects on mental health. You can get help if the issue is identified, but gone untreated, psychological conditions are just as harmful to a person’s overall health as physical ones. Unfortunately, the VA too often misses signs of mental distress and other common conditions that arise after military service:

  • PTSD: Military combatants are 15 times as likely to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder than civilians. Nightmares, nervousness, anger and insomnia can hinder your ability to successfully return to civilian life.

  • Depression: Military combatants are five times as likely to suffer from depression than civilians. If you suffered a life-altering disability or witnessed atrocities, you are at even higher risk of becoming depressed.

  • TBI: Traumatic brain injury can manifest as mental impairment. Obtaining appropriate care for both physical and mental issues is crucial to your recovery.

Veteran suicide and the VA

In addition to providing physical care, the VA has an obligation to support the mental health of our nation's active duty military. In some cases, requests for that support meet significant delays. The results of delayed mental health treatment for issues such as PTSD, pain, and injuries too often results in a loss of a life off the battlefield. Without the promised support easily accessible, active duty and veterans turn to suicide as their only option to ease their internal pain.

If you lost a loved one to suicide as a result of VA neglect, please tell us your story. Our team has experienced this type of loss and understands the pain, anger, and need for answers that many family members are left with. We will leave no stone unturned and will fight to get the answers to what went wrong and ensure that this gross act of negligence doesn't happen again.

Recover benefits and damages for your active duty VA medical malpractice claim

Bertling Law Group helps active duty recover rightful compensation for injuries caused by the VA. Learn more about applying for Section 1151 benefits and filing a FTCA lawsuit. Your first consultation with our attorney at Bertling Law Group is free and our firm takes all personal injury cases on contingency basis, meaning you owe us nothing unless we collect compensation on your case. Contact us at 844-295-7558.


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