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Knowledgeable Medical Malpractice Lawyers Advocating for Military Family Members Injured in Military Medical Facilities

You make tremendous sacrifices so your loved one can serve in the military. In essence, the entire family of military personnel serves the United States. As a military family, you are entitled to health care at military medical facilities and have the same rights to quality health care as you would at other medical facilities. If you suffer undue injury or illness because a military doctor, nurse or other employee makes a negligent mistake, you have the right to seek compensation for the damages you suffer.

Our attorney began his 30-year career focused on insurance and medical malpractice defense and is responsible for helping those companies defeat unproven claims to save millions of dollars. This experience is instrumental to our clients as plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases against the United States government.

Throughout your case, we promise to give you compassionate and committed advocacy. Our one-on-one approach builds a strong relationship between the client and the attorney as we work with you to:

  • Find Answers to Your Questions About Went Wrong

  • Obtain Maximum Compensation for Your Injuries

  • Prevent Future Harm from Happening to Others

Please do not delay in getting the help you need. There is often a strict statute of limitations on medical malpractice claims. If you miss the deadline, you could waive your rights to damages. Instead, we urge you to tell us your story so that we can work with you and your family so that you can be compensated for duties dodged and debts to you unpaid.

Common medical malpractice claims

A wide range of injuries may be inflicted by a negligent military doctor. Some common types of medical negligence include the following:

  • Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose

  • Delays in medical diagnosis

  • Negligent prenatal care

  • Birth injuries

  • Medication and prescription errors

  • Surgical negligence and unnecessary surgeries

  • Anesthesia negligence

  • Post-surgical errors and infections

  • Nursing negligence

Proving negligence under the Federal Tort Claims Act for VA hospital injuries

The Federal Tort Claims Act entitles you to sue for injuries if your circumstances meet the proper criteria. First, you must overcome the doctrine of sovereign immunity that prohibits private individuals from suing the government under most circumstances. The following conditions must exist:

  • A Veterans Affairs employee injured you.

  • The VA employee was engaged in her or his official job duties.

  • The VA employee’s actions were negligent or wrongful.

  • The VA employee’s negligent or wrongful act proximately caused your injury.

Your initial filing is administrative, which gives the VA an opportunity to pay your claim directly. Often, however, the agency denies claims or pays less than the full amount, in which case you are authorized to file a lawsuit.

Filing a claim on behalf of your loved one

Your severely injured loved one may be incapacitated. This is often the case with birth injuries, anesthesia overdoses, strokes and traumatic head injuries. We help you obtain rightful compensation on your loved one’s behalf so you can protect your family and ensure your loved one receives necessary quality medical care and assistance with daily living.

Recover medical malpractice damages after a VA hospital mistake

Bertling Law Group assists the families of veterans who are injured while receiving medical care at a military medical facility. Contact a veterans’ injuries lawyer at Bertling Law Group by calling 844-295-7558 to set up a free consultation.


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