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Employment Law:
Reliable Employment Law Firm Helping Clients Avoid Disputes, Maintain Compliance and Resolve Other Business Issues in the Tri-Counties of Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura

Bertling Law Group is a respected Santa Barbara firm representing Southern California businesses in employment law issues. We help businesses remain in compliance, advise them on risk mitigation and consult on pre-litigation solutions. Although we focus on dispute avoidance and alternative resolutions, we are strong trial attorneys who aggressively fight for our clients’ interests in litigation when we can reach a better outcome.

Every company has its own unique needs, goals and organization, and our firm tailors our services specifically to your business. We emphasize cost and time-efficient strategies that achieve the best possible results for your business.

Compliance counsel to guide your business

Your business is expected to know and understand the extensive California and federal employment regulations. A violation could be costly. Yet truly grasping the intricate laws and applying them to your business is incredibly complicated.

Risk assessments and mitigation to protect your business

Employment disputes cost time and money and can disrupt your company’s operations and your employees’ morale. Therefore, we help you mitigate risks to avoid disputes. Our lawyer conducts a comprehensive risk assessment and advises you on mitigating exposure on high risk issues, including the following:

  • Trade secret protections: You must keep your trade secrets confidential to remain competitive. We draft nondisclosure agreements and develop protocol for securing confidential business information.

  • Start-ups: We make sure you have everything you need to begin your business and take you through the life cycle from startup to acquisition or growth.

  • Merger and acquisition: A merger can bring new opportunities for a business, but generally involve changes in job titles and duties of some employees and termination of others. We advise you on employment contract issues throughout the process.

  • Background checks: We can assist you in conducting thorough reviews of work history and criminal records of candidates that comply with California law.

  • Employee & Contractor Classifications: Obtain detailed reviews and analyses of your employees and contractors legal classifications with an eye toward compliance with all current contracting requirements.

  • Wage & Hours Issues Compliance: We can assist you with ensuring your pay and payroll practices and systems are compliant with all current state, federal, and local regulations.

  • Hiring & Termination Assistance: Obtain timely counsel on all aspects of employment initiation through the termination process.

Learn more employment law compliance and risk mitigation in Santa Barbara

Bertling Law Group handles the full range of employment law issues, with a focus on legal compliance and risk mitigation. Contact us at 844-295-7558 today to learn more about protecting your business from workplace disputes.


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